In an effort to prevent from the spread of COVID-19, Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd has taken the following measures:

1. Consisting of six rooms, the company’s shopping complex has been converted into quarantine unit where four people are being quarantined.
2. The company’s guest house, which has 34 rooms has been identified as an isolation unit
3. Screening point has been set up along the Nganglam-Gyelpoizhing high way where the employees and truckers are screened daily
4. A Flu Clinic has been set up near the truck parking to provide medical services on emergency
5. Hand washing facilities with water and soap available at all times have been placed in 12 different locations
6. A team led by the company’s Health Assistant has been making arounds in the company’s colony to create awareness and sensitize on COVID-19. There are more than 1,500 people in the colony.
7. Health advisory boards and banners on COVID-19 have been installed in various locations along the Nganglam-Gyelpoizhing high way
8. In line with the government’s recommendation on “working from home” the management is in the process of developing a mechanism to adopt the measure.