Office Rimdro


Led by Yonphula Rinpoche, Tsampas  from Ugyen Dongag Chokhorling Monastery are performing the annual DCCL rimdro. During the 1st day today,  Rinpoche presided over Lhabsang(ལྷ་བསངས), Sadha Thrukchod(ས་བདག་ཁྲུག་བཅད།) and Nangsay Namdhai(སྣང་ས྄ས་རྣམ་དག་གི་ཟློས).The two-day rimdro ends tomorrow with Jangyen Lhabsang(བརྒྱགས་ངན་ལྷ་བསངས) and Rewo Sangchey(རི་བོ་བསངས་མཆོད)


1.For the well being  and good health of His Majesty the King and the Royal Family, people of Bhutan  and DCCL family.

2.To pacify the obstacle and overcome problem whereby enable in accomplishment of the company’s goal-increase cement production and sales.