Corporate Services Department

The department will play a very important role in the continued growth of the organization by designing and implementing HR, Procurement &MM and other policy. The department will assist all P&MM, Human resource and business administration of DCCL to ensure an efficient and clean management structure.

It shall also ensure timely planning of Raw-materials (only procurement), spare parts, packing materials & other consumables procurement. Ensure proper management of inventory of Spare Parts, Consumables etc to minimize damages, handling losses. The function shall be responsible for the procurement of service, goods and works in the company.

The department shall undertake and plan activities for attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining employees at DCCL through effective & efficient implementation of the HR Systems and Processes. Ensure harmonious Industrial Relations, adherence to norms and guidelines for discipline at work and adherence to labor law related compliances.

Ensure planning and finalization of specification for different IT systems, networks and applications. Ensure implementation and up-gradation of different IT systems and development of IT infrastructure/capability at DCCL and keep the existing SAP ERP system up and running.

Facilitate management of administrative activities e.g. Security, Housekeeping etc for DCCL Plant and Colony.

Ensure and plan that the Real Estate works are carried out on a timely manner.

The Corporate Service Department consist of the following functions:

1.Human Resource & Administration Division

2.Procurement & Materials Management Division

The HRAD is further divided into sections as follows:

1.HR Section
2.Admin. Section
3.Real estate Section
4.ICT Section
5.OHSE Section

The PMMD is further divided into sections as follows:

1.Procurement Section
2.Materials Management Section