DCCL conducts Kurim (སྐུ་རིམ) for His Majesty The King

Dedicated with humble prayers and well wishes, Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd. Organized a series of Kurim (སྐུ་རིམ) for well-being and long life of His Majesty The King on his 41st Birth Anniversary.

Led by the company’s lam, our staff chobs (ཆོསཔ) performed Mountain Smoke Offering (རི་བོ་བསང་མཆོད), 1,000-butter lamp offering (མར་མེ་སྟོང་མཆོད), recitation of Buddha Amitayu’s Mantra, the Boundless Life (ཚེ་གཟུངས) Ganachakra Feast (ཚོགས་འཁོར), Wealth accumulation ritual (གཡང་འགུགས) and Darmapala offering (གསོལ་ཁ)

In keeping with the Covid protocols, the rituals were performed in the company’s MPH following strict containment mode where only the employees and their family members were allowed to come and make prayers & wishes.

Mountain Smoke Offering

Revealed by Terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigme in the 17th century, the Mountain Smoke Offering (རི་བོ་བསང་མཆོད), which is considered as powerful means to remove karmic debt, clear obstacles and ward off misfortunes was performed to subside and pacify risks posed by Covid-19 pandemic.

Butter lamp offering

Signifying wisdom lamp, more than one thousand butter lamps (མར་མེ་སྟོང་མཆོད) prepared out of pure butter were lit to dispel greed, ignorance and hatred which outwardly manifest as diseases and pandemic. May the wisdom light give His Majesty the strength to dispel all negativity created by disturbing emotions of the beings.

Recitation of Buddha Amitayu’s mantra

While the lam and staff chops (ཆོསཔ) were performing kurims (སྐུ་རིམ), rest of the employees and the family members took part in recitation of Buddha Amitayu’s mantra in one sprit, one focus and one tone for long life of His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo. Towards end of the day, the count has crossed over four hundred thousand.

Ganachakra Feast 

Prepared by the employees and family members, home-made tshogze, cooked grains & cereals, fruits & vegetable, food, drinks, milk among others were offered to accumulate merit

Accumulation of wealth ritual

His Majesty as a source of wealth, the wealth accumulation ritual was conducted with prayers for continuously receiving His Majesty’s wealth and always remain in the state of peace, prosperity and harmony.

Dharmapala Offering

Seeking support from Dharmapalas for protection of His Majesty The King, a grand Dharmapala Offering (གསོལ་ཁ) was performed towards end of the day-long kurim. Offering drinks, milk and local ara, the protective deities of the country were invoked to render their necessary support and assistance to our symbol of love, unity and strength, and above all, the source of happiness- the Bodhisattva King.