Notice Inviting Auction

Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited is pleased to invite signed bids from interested Bhutanese individuals for auction of vehicles.

NIT No. Name of Work Bid Security (Nu.) Last date & time of submission Date & time of opening of tender
Dccl/Com/Proc/05/2022/ Auction of Vehicles 50,000.00 per vehicle 31.05.2022 at 1500 Hours. 31.05.2022 at 1530 Hours

Bids shall be received on or before 3.00 pm on 31th May, 2022 and shall be opened on the same day at 3.30 pm. Any bid received after the deadline for submission shall be rejected.

Detailed Bidding Documents can be downloaded from Here

For any enquiry, please contact Procurement Section (Tel-07-481232)