Limited Enquiry

Kindly quote the rate for the supply of the materials listed in the table below to M/s. Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited (DCCL), based on the terms and conditions outlined.

Sl.No Mateterial Code Materials Discriptions  Qty  UoM Rate Amount
1 20003967 Hexagon screw ISO 004017-M12x45      800.00 NOS
2 20003973 Hexagon nut ISO 004032-M12   1,600.00 NOS
3 20008341 High pressure hose pipe 12mmx1.5 mtr.(High pressure hose pipe 12mmx15mtr.
Nominal Pressure-PN250
Standard-DIN2391) (items should have male & female connector size of 14mm of Hydrauic pipe line)
       24.00 NOS
4 20008344 High pressure hose pipe 12mm x 1 mtr.(items should have male & female connector size of 14mm of Hydrauic pipe line)        12.00 NOS
5 30006863 GI Nut & Bolt.  M48 x 354 mm (Should be of 5mm pitch length with double Nut)        12.00 NOS
6 20005289 Gear box for magnetic separator-SOM4 (Gear box for magnetic separator – SOM4,10:1)For 331MS1          1.00 NOS
7 20007598 Worm wheel (Magnetic Seperator) SOM4 SOM4 ,gear ratio (10:1) For 331MS1          2.00 Set


Terms and Conditions

  1. Please submit password-protected offers to on or before June 6th   at 3:00 pm (BST). Offers received after the deadline will not be accepted and will be considered invalid.
  2. All bidders must quote their rates in accordance with the specifications mentioned above, and items that do not meet these specifications will be considered invalid.
  3. If the specifications provided are unclear, bidders must not quote a rate until they have sought clarification from the Procurement Section.
  4. Payment will be made after delivery of the materials, and no advance payment will be made.
  5. The final delivery point for the materials will be the DCCL Store, and the delivery period for the goods must be within 30 days of the purchase order’s issuance. The materials must conform to the specifications above, and failure to do so will result in rejection and replacement at the supplier’s cost. In the case of rejected items, they must be replaced as soon as possible, but the delivery period shall remain the same.
  6. The quoted price must be inclusive of all taxes and duties in Bhutan and wherever applicable.
  7. A delay in the delivery of goods will result in Liquidated Damages of 0.3% per day, up to a maximum of 10%. In such cases, the LD will be calculated based on the total value of the items for which the supply has been delayed.
  8. In the event of material rejection, the supplier shall replace or lift the rejected items within 10 days from the date of receiving the rejection notice from DCCL. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 0.3% of the quoted value each items, which shall be applied for up to 30 days. If the replacement or lifting of the rejected items exceeds 30 days, the items shall be seized and become the property of DCCL. Additionally, the order shall be cancelled, and the performance security will be forfeited.
  9. The warranty period for goods shall be usually for a period of one year but in certain case it may be for a period of 18 months from the day of supply/ from the date of putting the items into use.Whrere obtained/ given, the manufacturer’s warranty period shall be applicable as operational warranty for specific equipment but the actual warranty period can be more than the aforesaid period.
  10. Orders will be placed based on the lowest evaluated of bid.
  11. Deviation from any of the terms and conditions mentioned above will lead to the rejection of the bid during the evaluation period.
  12. The DCCL reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation without providing a reason.